What is the Best Tactical Pen For You?

What is the Best Tactical Pen For You?

As I entered the Military Academy in the early nineties, it was the height of all the technology in the world and anyone with a marketing degree had the ability to write an article for the school’s paper about the tactical pen. We’d have editorial meetings about the marketing budget of each of the students and then I would propose a new marketing strategy.

The student designers came up with some ideas such as making a special sticky note of the company logo for every student to use throughout the day. We thought it was interesting but the major objection was that this would just create more opportunity for stealing. Now the students had to look for these sticky notes on their desks or in the printer.

The next thing we did was change the materials used for the pens from PETG to Kapton, which was a more professional choice. We quickly tested a few models and found they were perfect for everything including when people had to get their hands on them.

Because the ink was also easy to get from the printer or the computer, the cost was reduced substantially. Then it became a game of design contests where each student could come up with a great design and submit it to a staff member who would give it to one of us. It became quite an art form.

We eventually got a new way of going about marketing by using online marketing tools and it really opened our eyes. Even though this wasn’t very scientific, we knew that there had to be a better way of reaching out to people and marketing with precision.

We realized that a lot of marketers had their own websites and through blogging it was possible to build up a list of subscribers to your newsletter or product offering. This created an online marketer’s dream; they could put their products and services in front of millions of potential customers. Most of these people were willing to buy what we had to offer because they could see the benefits immediately.

As I said before, the technology has changed a lot over the years and I am not disparaging the people who get creative with their designs. They are still on the cutting edge, but they are mostly conservative. If you want to find out more about what is the best thing for you, visit my website below.