The Tactical Black Screw Glass Breaker Tip Pen with Flashlight

Tactical Black Twist Pen – Self Defense and Blind Fire

tactical black twist pen

A lot of shooters have probably heard of the tactical black twist pen. If you happen to be a shooter, you probably remember your first encounter with this pen as you stood in the doorway of the gun range and saw your first shots go off. There were many different varieties of this pen but the majority seemed to be black or silver with a screw top and a plastic end cap.

What I find interesting about this pen is that it can now be modified for many different purposes. This pen is not just meant for shooting. The clip and some other components are available on the internet and can be used in a wide variety of applications.

One of the ways that you can utilize the black twist pen is to attach a flashlight to it. In fact, there are plenty of different accessories that can be added to the pen which will allow you to shoot at night without having to worry about batteries. Another way to use this pen is to use it for self defense purposes such as blind firing.

It can also be used to blind fire because of the ability to use the break or tip with flashlight. This helps to block the view of others while you continue to shoot. These tips come in handy when a gunfight occurs at night and you have to get out of the way of an attacker.

This pen can also be used as a great defensive tool. It provides your shot with an extended length so that you can keep shooting. This is extremely useful if you are trying to get out of a bad situation as the attacker advances and you do not want to stop your weapon.

Although the pen is normally held in place by its long screws, it is possible to secure the entire unit together using a secure screw gun mount. To achieve this, you need to remove the three screws on either side of the unit and expose the two metal posts with the screws holding them in place. Then, you need to simply place the gun on the posts and secure it using a lock nut.

The light springs should also be removed in order to expose the parts of the pen. With these modifications, you can now easily attach your flashlight to the black twist pen.

You must be sick and tired with the old adage “The pen is mightier than the sword”. But in life-threatening situations, a pen can indeed outdo a sword, especially if it’s one with a flashlight and a tactical black screw glass breaker tip.

Meet the tactical black screw glass breaker tip pen. Yes, it’s a mouthful to say, but anything as mundane as a pen can become instantly cool if you include the word “tactical” to describe it. The word “tactical”, however, is not just for flare. With the tactical black screw glass breaker tip pen, you get three nifty tools in one: a working pen, a handy flashlight, and a sneaky self-defense weapon, quite a good buy, if I may say so.

First, let’s talk about how it looks like any ordinary pen except that it’s a bit heavier. This special pen measures about 6 inches long and half an inch in diameter. The body itself is made of strong aluminum which gives it additional heft and durability. It also feels bulkier than a conventional pen because of the additional ribbings around its body.

The opposite end of the pen is a 100 lumens flashlight which is powered by three button cell batteries. It’s pretty straightforward and works much like any penlight.

It’s the pointy end that makes the tactical black screw glass breaker tip pen interesting. If you put the screw cap on, the pen becomes a glass breaker. Why do you need a glass breaker? A glass breaker becomes an essential survival kit if you get trapped inside a vehicle. With a glass breaker, you can puncture the glass open without cutting yourself from the shards.

Lastly, the heavier mass, the additional ribbings for grips, and the pointy end transforms this seemingly innocent pen into a self-defense weapon. If you have heard of Kubotan key chains, the tactical black screw glass breaker tip pen is a good alternative.

You must be thinking, “Why get a pen when I can bring a Swiss Army knife? It’s a better self-defense weapon than some fancy pen?”

The problem with “knives”, no matter how tiny enough they could get to be tucked away in a pocket, will always unsettle anyone who sees it, especially security personnel. You can argue that it’s for self-defense or other utilitarian needs, but an object as conspicuous as a blade can get you the frown and the boot.

A tactical black screw glass breaker tip pen not only looks discrete, it fits in your pocket as easily as any Swiss Army knife. It’s light enough to be carried anywhere, strong enough to puncture a hole through glass, and stealthy enough to startle any hooligan who tries to rough house you unexpectedly.

So if you need something in your purse or pocket that can give you a little piece of security, a sliver of light in the darkness, and a means to release your inner poet, then give the tactical black screw glass breaker tip pen a try.