Tactical Black Twist Pen with Refill Review

Tactical Black Twist Pen Review

The Tactical Black Twist Pen is the kind of pen you can take into all kinds of places. It’s a writing pen, but it has a nib that twists into the barrel. The twist-able nib is long and flexible, allowing you to write with the tip in any direction you want. Not only does this pen allow you to write in any direction, but it has a handy clip for holding it closed or even on the belt.

The Tactical Black Twist is one of the newest of the few non-contact ink pens on the market. It’s smooth, and it writes extremely well. It’s also very inexpensive, especially when you consider all the extra features it offers. With refill review, we will examine it and see if there are any drawbacks to owning this pen. Of course, it’s going to be up to you to decide if it’s right for you.

The Tactical Black Twist comes with a variety of extra features. There is a single barrel for a bit of nib flexibility. A pen nib comes with a big section for the clip and a single barrel section for the pen’s barrel. It has a retractable nib, so you don’t have to worry about the nib when writing with it.

This kind of pen is great for taking out with you. Many people don’t realize it, but some pouches have extra space for pens. This is exactly what this pen has, and you can take it with you wherever you go. It fits well into your pocket and doesn’t take up too much room. And it’s very comfortable to write with, making it a good option for an all day pen.

Another great feature of the Tactical Black Twist is its nib. The extra flex in the nib allows you to write with it in any direction you want. The twist-able nib is long and flexible, and can be used in any writing environment. This pen is really convenient and easy to use. It also makes a very stylish addition to your jeans or pants.

Overall, the Tactical Black Twist is a good pen, and a unique one at that. It’s affordable and is easy to use. It can take along you anywhere you go, and it has an innovative twist-able nib that lets you write with any direction you like.

There are a few drawbacks to owning the Tactical Black Twist. First, some pens with these types of nibs tend to be expensive, and they don’t make as much as they should. However, as with most pens, you’ll get what you pay for.

Tactical Black Twist Pen with Refill Review - Security EyesThe streets these days aren’t safe anymore, especially during the night. Everybody must stay vigilant and should be equipped with something that can be used for self-defense. And as some say, what better way do that than to fit yourself with a tactical black twist pen? Tactical pens have indeed gained popularity in recent years, but is this one really worth your money?

Starting with the basics, the pen is 6 ¼ inches long and half an inch wide. It has an aluminum finish, and a deep pocket clip as well as a rubberized upper body. The twist mechanism of the tactical pen is found at the middle. It has a medium-sized black ink cartridge that comes with a refill. The upper tip, on the other hand, is what can be used as a weapon for self-defense.

A Pen’s Interesting Perks

The biggest advantage of the tactical pen is that in can be hidden in plain sight. With its color and appearance, it’s be pretty easy to conceal in a pocket or anywhere else. The deep pocket clip prevents it from accidentally falling, giving you that extra sense of security.

But of course, you won’t have complete peace of mind if you’re worrying about the pen’s durability. So, it’s a good thing that its frame is actually made of aluminum—and as mentioned, the pen’s upper half is covered in rubber to provide a stable hand grip. It is lightweight (due to the aluminum body), fits well in the hand, and has an easy and powerful reverse grip.

Here’s the exciting part: the upper portion of this tactical pen has a protruded blunt end suited for self-defense purposes. Although it isn’t sharp like a blade (that might be a tad too dangerous), the pointed end will do actual harm to various parts of the body, such as the eyes, the jaw, and the groin.

What it’s really designed for, however, is to serve as a glass breaker. In the event of emergencies such as fire, you can quickly break the glass encasement of a fire extinguisher using this tactical black twist pen. During vehicular accidents, you have a better chance of surviving or rescuing people by using the pen’s impact-proof tip to break a car’s window.

The actual pen can be accessed by twisting the middle part; twist it again to retract it and prevent the ink from drying up. The medium cartridge provides a longer lifespan compared to other tactical pens. Also, a refill is provided for every purchase, so don’t worry about running out anytime soon.

By the way, the pen itself has a high quality nib. The ink’s quite good as well. It’s perfectly suited for daily use, and even to write checks or fill up forms.

A Minor Downside to Note

Although the pen itself can be considered lightweight, an actual pen is still noticeably lighter. This added weight is necessary for the pen to be used defensively or for breaking glass. But unfortunately, this heft is likely enough to put strain on your fingers when using the pen for prolonged periods.

Top Pick for Preparedness

Overall, despite having that downside, this tactical black twist pen with refill is a must-have if you’re the kind of person who finds it necessary to prepare for the worst. It’s essentially a multi-tool that’s reliable enough for everyday use while making you capable of handling the unexpected.