Handheld Taser Stun Guns To The Rescue

Welcome to one of the most comprehensive online personal protection stores in the country.  Here at Security Eye, we offer some of the best in self-defense and personal protection devices.  We have every type of stun gun imaginable.  We have professional stun guns, pocket-size stun guns, handheld stun guns, pepper sprays, survival gear, hidden cameras and more!


We all know that in today’s world, violence runs wild.  Every day you turn on the tv to the sad news of shootings, violence and just about every crazy harmful act imaginable.  It seems ever since the gun laws were approved, things have simply gotten worst.  There’s no time to sit back and relax.  You have to protect yourself with some kind of weapon.  Most people, however, do not want to carry a gun.  So what to do?

Here at Security Eye, we carry stun guns of every kind.  It’s small, portable and affordable.  Fit it in your purse or pocket, our stun guns come with enough high power voltage to bring down even the biggest attacker.  Whether you’re at the shopping mall, or in a parking lot or walking to your campus classroom.  Attacks can occur.  Always be ready and keep your personal protection device close at hand.  In the case of an attacker, you have your self-defense device ready to zap the living daylights out of a would-be attacker.  This will teach them never to mess with you again.

Some of our pocket devices are powerful enough to stun the attacker for several minutes while others deliver a short burst of electricity to stun your victims long enough for you to run for help.  Never try to fight your attacker, instead, run for safety and if possible, call the police and provide them your location.

Most attackers will be shocked that you’re fighting back.  Many will flee from the scene which is a good thing for you.  Your number one rule is personal safety and if you ever get attacked, remember the most important thing, stay calm, focused and don’t panic.